Installing extender

The comodojo extender framework can be installed using composer as a product (using the dedicated extender project package) or as a library.

To install it as a product:

composer create-project comodojo/extender extender

Or, to intall it as a library in your own project:

composer require comodojo/extender.framework


To work properly, comodojo/extender.framework requires PHP >=5.6.0 (cli enabled).

Following PHP extension are also required:

  • ext-posix: PHP interface to *nix Process Control Extensions
  • ext-pcntl: process Control support in PHP
  • ext-shmop: read, write, create and delete Unix shared memory segments
  • ext-sockets: low-level interface to the socket communication functions

A database is not required but highly recommended; by default, extender creates a new SQLite3 database if no external database is specified.

Finalizing installation